Virtual Q&A

Sourcetop Chat is a discussion plugin that works with any live streaming service, allowing viewers to ask questions and interact with presenters. With the Producer and Host view, it creates a tightly knit package to quickly configure and efficiently manage live interactive events directly on your site.



Native Experience

Place the modules on the site and adjust layout and design.


Ask questions, show some emotion or just give a shout out.

Discussion Thread

See all the comments from the audience and moderator.


Monitor the feed

See User comments in real-time. Set defaults for manual or auto-approval.

Edit comments

Tweak a bit for clarity or shorten long questions. Users still see the original.


Drag and drop comments with the top three shown on the Host screen.


Send a private message to the Host screen to get their attention.

Audience prompts

Post comments directly to the User thread for real-time updates.

Comment management

Open the commenting early or download the entire thread when done.


Cue cards

Large comments and simplified interface keep distractions to a minimum.

Self Management

Hosts can bring back the previous comment and move them along for direct control.

Timing prompts

Countdown clock with Producer prompt lets Hosts know the proper pacing.